A Rewarding Summer Offer from Panasonic


For the summer of 2019, Panasonic has introduced a new promotion on all purchases of Panasonic R32 PACi (Commercial Split) systems.

  • Extra Love2Shop Rewards on purchases of Panasonic R32 PACi range
  • PLUS, earn Panasonic Premier Rewards on all purchases


This summer, Panasonic are providing extra Love2shop rewards on the R32 PACi range purchased throughout July, August and September 2019. Plus, that’s not all, installers will also receive Panasonic Premier Reward points for all purchases and redeem them against more Love2Shop rewards.

Tony Nielsen, Marketing Manager for Panasonic UK, explains: “We are well known for running promotions in the Summer – and this year is no exception. We’ve put together an enviable package of rewards that gives installers even more incentive 

to purchase from the popular energy efficient Panasonic R32 PACi range this summer.”

On offer are the latest generation of Panasonic’s R32 PACi Standard and Elite systems. The PACi Standard units are a perfect solution for use in small commercial and retail applications which demand quality on a limited budget. In addition, its slim, compact size and light weight make it ideal for a variety of installations with limited space.


The Panasonic R32 PACi Elite range boasts extended pipe runs and outstanding performance event at low temperatures with high energy efficiency. When in cooling mode, the units will still function even when the outdoor temperature is as high as 46oC and when in heating mode, operation is possible when the outdoor temperature is as low as -20oC. As a result of the units high COP value, the range is ranked as one of the top class in the industry. Furthermore, the range uses highly efficient R32 refrigerant that helps to reduce CO2 emissions and lowers operating costs.

The additional rewards available on the PACi range are as detailed below: To ensure the reward scheme runs as smoothly as possible, the Love2Shop gift rewards will be processed at the end of the promotion period (September 2019) and subject to making a purchase within the summer promotion period.

Outdoor Models (Starting with Model Ref)

Love2Shop Reward Value

(Per unit sold)

U-36PZH2E5, U-50PZH2E5, U-60PZ2E5, U-60PZH2E5, U71PZ2E5, U71PZH2E5, U-71PZH2E8


U-100PZ2E5, U-100PZH2E5, U-100PZ2E8, U-100PZH2E8 U-125PZ2E5, U-125PZH2E5, U-125PZ2E8, U-125PZH2E8, U-140PZ2E5, U-140PZH2E5, U-140PZ2E8, U-140ZH2E8


U-200PZH2E8, U-250PZH2E8



Terms and Conditions Apply

1.The ‘Promoter’ of the promotion is Panasonic UK.

2.The promotion will run from 01 July 2019 until 30th September 2019.

3. The promotion is open exclusively to Panasonic

air conditioning installers within the UK only, purchasing from an authorised Panasonic Distributor.

4. Any prize awarded is for personal use only and must not be transferred/
given to any third party in connection with any business activities.

5. The payment of £10, £15 and £20 will be in the form of LOVE2SHOP gift rewards.

6. We reserve the right
to withdraw the promotion at any time, without prior notice.

7. Panasonic will provide details of all awards to HMRC and demonstrate that the National Insurance payable by

the provider (Panasonic) is accounted for. Panasonic will also pay the basic rate tax liability. Recipients remain accountable for any higher rate tax due.

8. No cash alternative.

9. Images for illustrative purposes only.

10. Panasonic product prizes will be despatched after the promotion has ended. 11. Each outdoor purchase must include at least one
applicable indoor unit.