Panasonic Air to Water with All in One Module Elected Best in Test


Panasonic, the heating and cooling expert, has once again proved to be one of the market leaders in the development of high-efficiency heat pumps for the residential sector. Panasonic’s new Aquarea air to water heat pump, featuring the ‘All in One’ module, provides industry-leading SCOP, according to recent tests at the Danish Technological Institute.

The Danish Technological Institute has put the Panasonic's Aquarea T CAP 9kW air to water heat pump through its paces, testing it at an output 9.29 kW at 10 °C. The system received the industry's highest SCOP rating of 4.84. SCOP is the parameter forming the basis for European minimum requirements and energy labelling for heat pumps and Panasonic’s All in One has now set the bar high with this excellent rating.

These test results will be published in the Danish Energy Agency's heat pump list within a few weeks. All heat pumps featured in the agency’s heat pump list comply with the statutory requirements and their output and efficiency have been confirmed by the independent test laboratory of the Danish Technological Institute. Fifteen of Panasonic's air to water heat pumps now feature on the list, proving that it is more beneficial than ever to switch to environmentally friendly heating. Panasonic is the world's largest manufacturer of heat pumps, with an annual production of more than 7 million units.

A new generation of energy efficient heating and hot water for the home
Aquarea All in One belongs to the new generation of Panasonic heat pumps for heating, cooling and providing hot water in the home. Aquarea T-CAP is one of the newest heat pumps on the market, and maintains nominal heating capacities even at temperatures as low as 15°C. This ensures the best possible seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The heat pumps are tested at an outdoor temperature of 27 °C, to ensure the most efficient and stable operation in the Nordic climate. The Aquarea T-CAP solution is quick and easy for contractors to install and the system ensures efficient heating of the home and of domestic water with considerable annual energy reductions.

All in One is a space-saving solution which fits perfectly in a utility room, thanks to its stylish design with no visible pipework. The external unit has an unobtrusive aesthetic with the use of the plain heat pump conceal item (not included). Energy consumption can be read and adjusted on the move as the heat pump can be controlled via the heating control app on a mobile phone or tablet.

Heat pumps are the heat source of choice for the future
A new analysis from the national transmission company, shows that, from an economic point of view, it would be useful to replace all oil and wood pellet furnaces with heat pumps which use electricity for heating. Panasonic's Aquarea heat pumps offer sustainable heating which reduce the annual energy bill by 30-40 percent. The heat pumps are easily integrated in most heating systems and are compatible with other energy efficient energy sources such as solar panels.