Panasonic Announces New CO2 Refrigeration Training Sessions


Bracknell, UK: 3rd August 2020 - Further to renewed interest in CO2 as a natural refrigerant for the Commercial Refrigeration sector, Panasonic is pleased to announce the first of its new ‘free’ online training sessions in the use of CO2. The first, 90-minute session takes place on Tuesday 11th August 2020 at 9.30am via Microsoft Teams.

The session will be headed up by Jaume Casanovas, Panasonic’s European Product and Planning Specialist alongside, Indy Tharnvithian, UK Technical Expert for CO2 commercial refrigeration solutions.

The training is aimed at those already working in the commercial refrigeration sector and will require some basic knowledge in the use CO2. The session will take an in-depth look at the use of this natural refrigerant in comparison to other refrigerants currently available and will highlight project case studies that showcase the technology in action.

Laura Fleming, Area Sales Manager North and Commercial Refrigeration Specialist in the UK for Panasonic, explains: “Our online training sessions are proving very popular, it’s great to see so many installers showing a keen interest in expanding their knowledge in the use of more natural refrigerants such as CO2.”

With the new F-Gas regulations coming into force in 2022 and being driven by environmental concerns, CO2 is a very attractive natural alternative with a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a GWP (Global Warming Potential) equal to 1 (compared to a refrigerant like R404A with a GWP of 3922).

The Panasonic range of CO2 condensing units has been specifically developed over a ten-year period for small to medium capacity applications within the retail and food service sectors and is particularly suited for installations in small supermarkets, convenience stores and garage forecourt retail operations. Key factors to the success of the range are easy installation, compact size, reliability and performance of its unique two stage compressor, as well as the use of the natural refrigerant CO2.

The Panasonic CO2 range currently available in the UK has a 2hp and 10hp condensing unit on offer.

The training sessions will cover:

• Environmental impact
• Product range
• Pressures, including a comparison between other refrigerants in operation, and at stand still.
• How dry ice is formed
• Triple and critical points for CO₂
• Cooling capacity in comparison with other refrigerants
• Heat transfer in comparison with other refrigerants
• Pressure drop in pipe work
• Grade of CO₂ used in R744
• The use of pressure enthalpy charts to explain the critical point, triple point, sub and transcritical operation
• Liquid Trap
• New Tandem 10HP developments
• Case studies

To register for training please following the link below: To register

Please note, individual registration is required for the above course.

If you would like to attend a future training course or for more information on the range, please visit