Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP Mono-Bloc J Generation R32 Now in Three-Phase


The highly efficient Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc J Generation R32 from Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions now comes in a three-phase power supply option for heating/cooling capacities between 9-16kW. This three-phase addition allows for projects demanding more powerful heating, cooling and domestic hot water output capability.

Increasing the Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc J Generation R32 to offer both single- and three-phase options across all capacities provides more flexibility and choice to help with the increased demand on power supplies, particularly where there is high demand from applications that require stability and security such as heat pumps.

Ideal for both retrofit projects and new builds, the Aquarea T-CAP range can easily replace traditional gas or oil boilers and can be simply connected to new underfloor heating, radiators, or fan coil units. The unit incorporates dual-piped heat exchanger technology, unique to Panasonic, thus the powerful T-CAP can maintain total heating capacity even in low outdoor temperatures down to -20ºC, without the help of an electric booster heater. This means there is no need to oversize the heat pump to reach the required capacity at these low outdoor temperatures.

Capable of supplying hot water at a temperature of 65ºC, the Aquarea T-Cap range boasts high energy efficiency, is rated A+++ at 35ºC and has a high SCOP and cooling capacity. With Mono-bloc, the refrigerant circuit is sealed inside the outdoor unit, so there is no need to worry about the amount of refrigerant per room.

Smart and efficient control is provided by Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud, which enables both user control and remote access by service professionals. Aquarea Smart Cloud is a powerful and intuitive service for remotely controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption.

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