Panasonic Joins the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is proud to announce its support for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) as it joins the highly acclaimed organisation as a Commercial Associate Member. This move strengthens Panasonic’s commitment to helping to provide more energy-efficient homes across Scotland. 

Paul Taylor, Head of Renewables for Panasonic, commented, “Panasonic is delighted to join the SFHA as a Commercial Associate member, and we look forward to playing a full and active role within the organisation. We are excited to collaborate and provide our expertise to SFHA members. We want to drive awareness of the importance of renewable heating systems to the wider Scottish community. We look forward to building on our current relationships and establishing new ones within the Scottish social housing sector.”

With the recent energy crisis creating fuel poverty for many, ensuring an affordable and sustainable future is vital, particularly for residents living in older housing stock and multi-dwelling properties. Panasonic is already working with several housing associations across the UK to replace heating systems in their housing stock by installing energy-efficient and reliable heat pumps. 

Panasonic’s latest range of Aquarea L series heat pumps is particularly suitable for retrofit applications when renovating a home with existing radiators while providing water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C down to -10°C. This latest model is designed to offer improved energy performance and utilises R290, a more natural refrigerant that boasts a GWP of 3. 

Panasonic’s new ECOi-W air-to-water reversible heat pump, which also utilises R290, is suitable for multi-dwelling properties such as high-rise apartment blocks. This system offers a cost-effective solution to some of the technical challenges faced by installers and specifiers, where higher temperatures are required to maintain sufficient performance. Panasonic’s award-winning range can match traditional gas boilers’ outputs and connect to the internal infrastructure, such as the existing pipework and radiators. 

The range allows specifiers and installers to select the most appropriate unit for each residence, regardless of size. Panasonic heat pumps are built to deliver energy efficiency and are renowned for their reliable and quiet operation.   

Panasonic has been in the heating and cooling industry for over 60 years and is a key innovator in the renewable heat pump sector, with its first heat pump developed in 1973. 

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