Panasonic Selected as Finalists in the National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2021


Panasonic is pleased to announce they have been selected as finalists in two categories in the forthcoming and highly anticipated National ACR & Heat Pump Awards. The two categories for which Panasonic has been shortlisted for are; Heat Pump product with the highly energy efficient Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap Monobloc Heat Pump range, in addition to the ACR Product of the year with their innovative nanoeTM X technology. The winners will be announced at a celebratory dinner in Manchester on 20th October 2021 at the prestigious Midland Hotel.

Richard Bishop, Head of Panasonic Marketing for UK and Ireland commented, “We are delighted to be finalists in two categories in the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards for both Heat Pump Product and ACR Product. These awards are highly regarded within the industry and highlights the standards that must be met to create innovative and energy efficient solutions, this is a priority within Panasonic and becoming finalists confirms our dedication and performance within the industry.

Panasonic nanoeTM X

Panasonic’s maintenance-free nanoe™ X technology produces hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals), which are abundant in nature and have the capacity to inhibit pollutants including certain viruses and bacteria to clean and deodorise hard surfaces and soft furnishings. When integrated into air conditioning units, nanoe™ X can work independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode. This, coupled with the use of Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud app helps improve protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

nanoe™ X collects invisible moisture in the air and applies a high voltage to it to generate hydroxyl radicals contained in water. Hydroxyl radicals (nature’s detergent) inhibit the growth of certain viruses, bacteria and allergens. Contained in tiny water particles, nanoe™ X generates particles that have a long lifespan and can spread over long distances. Recent, independent testing shows that nanoe™ X can inhibit certain types of bacteria and viruses, meaning the new air conditioning units can help protect.

Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump Range

The newly introduced, highly efficient Aquarea Air to Water T-CAP Mono-bloc J Generation system with R32 refrigerant, is available in capacities from 9-16kW, providing heating, cooling and domestic hot water, with options available for a range of property sizes and heating requirements. As a mono-bloc system with a single unit outdoors, the T-CAP Mono-bloc R32 is particularly suitable for projects where indoor space is limited. R32 refrigerant is sealed into the outdoor unit and therefore no refrigerant connections are required indoors, further simplifying installation.

The units have been found to have leading low noise levels, with 60dB(A)1 whilst operating at full load (these have been verified by an independent third party). Furthermore, the new Aquarea R32 monobloc has MCS SCoP figures of 5.073 along with CoP figures of 5.574.

The range boasts high energy efficiency, is rated A+++ at 35ºC and A++ at 55ºC plus has an improved SCOP and cooling capacity. Furthermore, the impressive system can work under higher pressure and reach a 65ºC water flow temperature for the ultimate high performing unit.

Richard Bishop further added “Panasonic products focus consistently on innovation, reliability, ecological respect and connectivity.”

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