Panasonic’s Introduces New Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ Heat Pump


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has launched the Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ Heat Pump, an innovative hybrid system that can be connected seamlessly to any traditional fossil fuelled boiler system, to help existing UK housing stock reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%[1].

The Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ heat pump from Panasonic is an excellent and reliable solution for reducing carbon emissions, it can assist to gain an increase to your EPC rating, a resourceful and eco-friendly solution.

The heat pump unit extracts its latent heat from the outside air as per the reliable and longstanding Aquarea range of energy efficient heat pumps from Panasonic. To maintain the desired internal temperature, the original boiler system is only activated when it is more economical than the heat pump in colder weather or producing domestic hot water.

Furthermore, all the main components of the Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ units’ are within the outside unit itself. The system has been thoroughly tested and has been proven to provide one of the lowest sound ratings on the market but with one of the highest energy efficiency heat pump systems and running cost savings can be achieved and thus increase the all-important properties EPC rating.

The Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ unit uses plug and play technology and is equipped with an expansion vessel, an “A” rated circulating pump, extensive controls, a dirt filter and more, making it simple to install and connect to any existing property.

In the future, when the gas boiler may no longer be required or at the end of its life, making the switch to a full low carbon Aquarea air source heat pump system will be an easy decision and simple upgrade.

Smart Remote Controls and Monitoring

Nowadays almost everything can be set up and controlled via your smartphone or mobile device and from anywhere. So can the Panasonic Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ heat pump range.

Panasonic is ahead of its competitors in this area providing property owners with smart technology to control the Panasonic Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ system remotely and from any device. With the Aquarea Smart Cloud, property owners or facilities managers can view and monitor the status of the system remotely and adjust, if necessary, along with viewing performance, energy statistics and much more.

The installer or service company can also support the system remotely using the Panasonic Service Cloud App to help maintain and monitor the system and thus reducing costly maintenance visits.

The Panasonic Aquarea Hybrid Eco+ heat pump is an attractive alternative for existing property owners with a long life still left on their fossil fuelled boiler system. Panasonic is helping to meet the new demands and net zero targets with a feasible and affordable solution for future sustainability.

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