Panasonic’s Latest YKEA Air Conditioners for Server Rooms


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced its YKEA range, the latest air conditioner designed specifically to provide reliable environmental control for server rooms. The indoor and outdoor units come in five capacities ranging from 2.5 kW – 7.1 kW and now can offer outstanding energy efficiency with an improved SEER of up to A+++ SEER in comparison to its predecessor the TKEA.

Developed to keep server rooms at the optimal temperature, Panasonic’s YKEA range maintains the rooms temperature 24/7 all year-round to ensure the smooth running of systems and protecting valuable data. It provides stable cooling operation even at an outside temperature as low as -25°C.

A highly reliable solution, the systems come with Duty Rotation Mode which enables two indoor units to operate alternatively at regular intervals to maintain room temperature. Therefore, even if one of the units breaks down, the other unit supports stable operation and allows for time to repair without any detriment to the server room.

The latest system offers improved usability thanks to its new generation remote control design. With a stylish design, the large LCD screen provides detailed information in a simple format and ensures easy operation with quick menu access and pictured display. With simplicity in mind, the YKEA solutions structure allows for easy installation and servicing.

Furthermore, the solution has built-in Wi-Fi for smart control, allowing instant connectivity and the ability to remotely monitor energy consumption and receive alert notifications with a smartphone.

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