Panasonic’s new Aquarea K & L Generation honoured in the 2022 Good Design Awards


The Aquarea K and L Generation heat pumps have been recognised in the 2022 Good Design Awards (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion). As well as recognising the performance efficiencies of the units, the judges commended the outdoor unit's design which blends into the landscape and contributes to the improvement of the surrounding environment.

The Good Design Award selects "good design" from various industries and an experienced jury panel deliberates to recognise design that aims to lead our lives, industries, and society as a whole to a more prosperous one.

This year’s award scheme received 5,715 entries, with a total of 1,560 submissions being selected for awards. Among all the winners, 100 designs received especially high evaluations from jury members and were selected as the GOOD DESIGN BEST100, including Panasonic’s Aquarea K & L Generation Heat Pumps.

New K and L Generation

Available from Spring 2023, Panasonic’s new Aquarea K and L generations are the latest innovations to emerge from Panasonic’s R&D centres and reflect the company’s values through innovation and are in keeping with its vision of creating technologies for a low-carbon society. The new models are focused on improving energy performance and offer a series utilising a natural refrigerant:

·     Aquarea K Generation: uses R32 refrigerant and is ideal for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production that delivers outstanding performance, even at extreme outdoor temperatures. This model is particularly suitable for new installations and well-insulated homes. T-CAP available.

·      Aquarea L Generation: using the natural refrigerant R290, L generation models have a hydraulic connection between the indoor and outdoor unit, providing water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C down to -10°C. These units are ideal for retrofit applications, when renovating a home with existing radiators.

In securing a place in the 2022 Good Design Awards, the judges commented that Panasonic’s design for the Aquarea K & L Generation “has been raised to an appearance that blends into the landscape and contributes to the improvement of the surrounding environment…it blends in well with the surrounding environment. In addition, considering the fact that many remote-control devices are mixed on the wall, the remote control adopts a flexible system that can be installed either integrally with the indoor hot water tank or separately.”

Air-source heat pumps

Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range is one of the widest on the market, highlighting the comfort, efficiencies, and low energy costs provided by these high-quality units. Panasonic’s advanced Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range utilises heat from the air, generating its own electricity from a local, renewable source. Not only a far more efficient heating alternative to gas boilers, but the units also provide heating, cooling, and domestic hot water for 3 functions in just 1 unit, making it a valuable solution year-round.