Intelligent Controller (Touch screen panel). Simplified load distribution ratio (LDR) for each tenanta

Dimensions (H x W x D): 240 x 280 x 20 (+60)mm.
Power supply: Single phase 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz.
Number of connectable units per link¹: Up to 100 units of the combined total of the following:
· Indoor unit: Up to 64 units²
· Outdoor unit: Up to 30 units
· Central control device: Up to 10 units
Enlarged Display Screen: 10,4 inch Touch-panel colour LCD. Pursuing visibility, ease of use.
Retrieve data from USB memory: Place the USB port inside the panel (USB memory available in stores).
Communication adaptor: CZ-CFUNC2.

1) The maximum number of connectable units is shown below:
· When using only this unit: 128 indoor units and 60 outdoor units
· When connecting a communication adaptor: 256 indoor units and 120 outdoor units
2) The number of indoor units includes the interface adaptor.

New Functions.
· Graph display (trends, comparisons)
· Econavi ON/OFF
· Outdoor unit quiet operation ON/OFF
· Energy-saving functions: Set temperature auto return settings, Auto shutoff, Set temperature range limit settings, Energy saving for PAC current value,etc.
· Event control (such as equipment linkage)
· Performs closing at end of any period

Operation and status.
You can check to operational status (ON/OFF, operating mode, alarms, etc.) of all indoor units and outdoor units in real time.
You can also select indoor units to change their settings.

Operation scheduling.
You can register daily operation schedules (ON/OFF time, operating modes, set temperatures, etc.) for individual indoor units or groups of indoor units.
Operations can be schedule for up to 2 years in advance.

Distributing air conditioner energy.
You can view cumulative operating times for indoor units, engine operating times for outdoor units, and operation cycles in a list (cumulative values). Using these data, you can calculate the distribution ratio of electricity or gas consumed for air conditioning and volumes used (kWh, m³) per indoor unit or in an area, then show these calculations in a list.


Remote control.

The LAN terminal on this unit enables you connect it to a network. Connecting to Internet will enable you to operate the unit and check the status using a PC from a remote location.

New back up tool to save your commissioning time.

Various data such as distribution, setting, log history etc. can be saved by CSV file.
Setting data of CSV file is available to edit and import to the controller again.
You can save time for commissioning and change setting flexibly and easily by your PC.
· Customize data
· Data recovery
Data can be imported again by general USB.

System Configuration Example.

1. Intelligent Controller
2. Inter-unit control wiring (no polarity)
3. Pulse meter x 3
4. Inter-unit control wiring (no polarity)
5. Signal input x 3 / Signal output x 2
6. Communication adaptor control wiring (RS-485 (polarity present))
7. Communication adaptor
8. Pulse meter x 3
9. Communication adaptor control wiring (RS-485 (polarity present)
10. Inter-unit control wiring (no polarity)
11. Inter-unit control wiring (no polarity)
12. Signal input x 3 / Signal output x 2
13. Linked systems #1
14. Linked systems #2
15. Linked systems #3
16. Linked systems #4
17. Distribution group
18. Area group