Domestic integration to P-Line - CZ-CAPRA1

Can connect all ranges to P-Line. Full control is now possible.

1. Current control area // 2. Central Control adaptor // 3. Need to control RAC by Central Controllers
Current system for PACi / VRF. Central controller can connect to S-link line to control units directly.
Request: We want to control RAC unit (which does not have S-link protocol) by Central controllers.
It’s necessary to have interface between S-link and RAC protocol to cover basic operating items.
Centralized Control Systems
64 Indoor Units
Intelligent Controller / Web Server
256 Indoor Units
1.024 Indoor Units
Panasonic AC Smart Cloud
Integrates any unit in big system control
  • PKEA Server room integration
  • Small offices with Domestic indoors
  • Tender for refurbishment (old system Domestic and VRF in one installation)
Basic operation items
Mode select: Yes
Temperature setting: Yes
Fan speed: Yes
Flap setting: Yes
Remote control prohibit: Yes
Demand control: No
Econavi ON/OFF: Yes
External input
ON/OFF control signal: Yes
Abnormal stop signal: Yes
VRF remote control connection: No
Prohibit, Mode change: No
External output for Relay¹
Operation status (ON/OFF): Yes
Alarm status output: Yes
External heater control output: No
1) Because current CN-CNT connector can not provide the power for external output relay, additional power input for external relay is necessary.