New Cassette U2 90x90 for PACi and VRF

Panasonic introduces new flat panel design which is modern and matching well with your space. These cassettes have developed to satisfy today’s customer needs such as highest energy saving, maximum comfort and healthier air.

New flat panel design

Econavi sensor

nanoe™ air purifying system

Super quiet operation
from 28 dB(A)

Inverter +

R22 piping renewal

Wired control (Optional)

5 Years Warranty

Econavi Intelligent Sensor:
Human activity sensor and floor temperature sensor can reduce waste
by optimising air conditioner operation.

These cassettes offer upgraded Econavi and nanoe™ purification system as accessories for making application space more comfortable, healthy and efficient.

Advanced Econavi functions
2 sensors (movement and floor temperature) can find waste of energy and control effectively. Floor temperature can detect up to 5,0 m ceiling height

ECONAVI exclusive panel. Optional (CZ-KPU3A)

1. Floor temperature sensor.
This sensor detects average floor temperature and operates circulation if floor is low temperature.

2. Movement sensor.
This sensor detects the amount of human activity, and operates effectively.

3. Wired remote controller CZ-RTC5B is required.
Always fresh and clean air with nanoe™
New nanoe™ available by the advanced technology of Room Air conditioning.
Purificating operation can work simultaneously or independently from heating/cooling operation.
Inhibitating viruses, bacteria & deodorization (bacteria, fungus, pollen, virus and cigarette smoke)*. OH radicals in nanoe™ pull bacteria’s hydrogen out and it is effectively deodorized be sterilized
Clean inside by nanoe™ + Dry control: inside of IDU can be clean by short operation circuit with nanoe™ and drying.

* CZ-RTC5B and optional accessory (CZ-CNEXU1) are required to use nanoe™ function.

Humidity sensor
New humidity sensor has added on air suction part, and realizes comfort and energy saving based on temperature and humidity.

Group control, circulation function
Circulating operation is activated when nobody is there, and mix air in the whole room. Minimize temperature gap in both heating & cooling operation.
Circulation by detecting no movement (10min.)
Indirect air flow by detecting movement

Maximum savings for your home

PACi 4 Way 90x90 Cassette. Inverter+

VRF U2 Type. 4 Way 90x90 Cassette