MT/LT TYPE 200VF5 - 4 kW / 2 kW

Condensing units with natural refrigerant

The new environmentally friendly CO2 condensing units for commercial refrigeration.

With Panasonic condensing units you can expect: · Energy savings · Low noise levels · Light weight · Low refrigerant charge · Low installation cost · Low costs on servicing

  • Panasonic has combined the 2-stage compressor with the split cycle for increased efficiency
  • High seasonal performance. SEPR: Maximum 3,83 in cooling, 1,92 in freezing
  • High COP at high ambient temperature
  • Set-points at medium or low temperature available depending on applications
  • Compact unit
  • Silent operation
  • Maximum 16,7kW of heating for free
  • Optional possibility to get subsidy (depending on location)
  • Easy connection process

Przyjazne dla środowiska agregaty z czynnikiem chłodniczym CO2 do zastosowań komercyjnych

Panasonic CO2 Cold Chain - CR Series - Highlights

Naturalne rozwiązanie do chłodni i regałów chłodniczych zapewniające dużą oszczędność energii

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