New Air Handling Unit Kit. 16kW // IP65 // Compact body

New AHU Kits connect ECOi and ECO G systems to air handling unit systems, using the same refrigerant circuit as the VRF system.
Large connectivity possibilities mean the Panasonic AHU Kit can be easily integrated.
Application: Hotels, offices, server rooms or all large buildings where air quality control such as humidity control and fresh air and is needed.
1. Remote control CZ-RTC4
2. New plastic IP 65 Box
3. PAW-T10 PCB for dry contact
4. 0-10V demand control PCB
5. Intelligent thermostat for:
  • Cold draft prevention
  • Outdoor temperature shift compensation
6. Terminal base for sensors and power supply
PCB, Power trans, Terminal block.
Standard wired remote controller. Can be installed inside the box.
Expansion valve
Thermistor x2
(Refrigerant: E1, E3)
Thermistor x2
(Air: Tf, Tb)
Demand control on the outdoor unit managed by external 0–10 V signal.

1. AHU control kit
2. 2. External BMS
3. 0 – 10V Capacity control
4. ECOi / ECO G outdoor unit
5. Air Handling Unit (AHU)
System example for large capacity (more than 56 kW)
3 x [PCB, Transformer, Solenoid Control Valve, Thermistor x 4 pcs, Terminal Base and Electrical Component Box].

Example 140 kW system
1. Gas tube / 2. Liquid tube / 3. O_U - I_U communication / 4. Gas temperature / 5. Liquid temperature / 6. Inlet temperature / 7. Outlet temperature / 8. Fan operation signal / 9. Fan motor control PCB
Optional parts: Following functions are available by using different control accessories:

CZ-RTC4 Timer remote controller
  • Operation-ON/OFF
  • Mode select
  • Temperature setting
* Fan operation signal can be taken from the PCB.

CZ-T10 terminal
  • Input signal= Operation ON/OFF
  • Remote controller prohibition
  • Output signal= Operating-ON status
  • Alarm output (by DC12V)

PAW-OCT, DC12 V outlet. OPTION terminal
  • Output signal= Cooling/Heating/Fan status
  • Defrost
  • Thermostat-ON
PAW-T10 PCB to connect to T10 connector
  • A Dry contact PCB has been developed to easily control the unit
  • Input signal operation ON/OFF
  • Remote control prohibition
  • Output signal Operation ON status maximum 230 V 5 A (NO/NC)
  • Output signal Alarm status maximum 230 V 5 A (NO/NC)
  • Additional available contacts:
- External humidifier control (ON/OFF) 230 VAC 3 A
- External fan control (ON/OFF) 12V DC
- External filter status signal potential free
- External float switch signal potential free
- External leakage detection sensor or TH. OFF contact potential free (possible usage for external blow out temperature control)

CZ-CAPBC2 Mini seri-para I/O unit
  • Demand control 40% to 120% (5% steps) by 0-10V input signal
  • Temperature setting by 0-10 V or 0-140 Ω input signal
  • Room (inlet air) temp outlet by 4-20 mA
  • Mode select or/and ON/OFF control
  • Fan operation control
  • Operation status output/ Alarm output
  • Thermostat ON/OFF control