Panasonic Introduces New Generation of High Capacity Duct Units


Panasonic has added the E2 High Static Pressure Hide Away VRF and PACi ranges to its catalogue of highly energy-efficient air conditioning solutions. This new hybrid product combines a high pressure duct with a fresh air duct function to maximise its ability and customers’ comfort.

Whilst the end user can benefit from an impressive 100% fresh air duct function, high static pressure, selectable up to 270pa, and a DC fan motor for further energy savings, these system have extremely low sound level capabilities from 41dB. Adding to this, the physical appearance and design of the E2 systems offers easy install, with a 15% weight reduction and an easy to programme configurable air temperature control.

As a result of its increased external static pressures, the E2 range of ducted units offers improved design flexibility for extended duct layouts. The units are equipped with self-diagnosing tools and automatic-fan operation functions which detect the pressure drop along pipe works and adjust the fan speed accordingly. These intelligent features save the installer time during set-up as they avoid the need for manual adjustment. The E2 is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for the most demanding commercial environments.

“The new E2 high static system is part of our range of industrial VRF systems which we’ve specifically designed to deliver energy savings even for the most heavy-use customers,” says Marc Diaz, UK Country Manager for Panasonic Heating and Cooling. “This is a highly-flexible solution that exceeds the heating and cooling temperature capabilities of other brands’ products.”
Panasonic ECOi VRF air conditioning systems - including the E2 - can be controlled remotely using a PC or smart device, and are compatible with a number of Panasonic’s user-friendly control interface systems. This capability makes the E2 range an excellent choice for hotels, offices (large and small), educational settings and other buildings requiring different temperatures in multiple rooms.

For fresh air application, the E2 is effective even in extreme outside temperatures (-5 to 43℃) and has exceptional discharge temperatures. The system can achieve indoor air temperatures of between 15℃ and 45℃, therefore offering a more flexible output than that of other leading air conditioning companies’ equivalent solutions.

The new units are 15% lighter and extremely quiet. The unit operates at just 41dB(A) and 45dB(A) at its maximum, therefore achieving a new level of quietness in this category. The system can also be integrated easily with a building control management system.