Panasonic Launches Innovative ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC Series with Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has announced the latest addition to its hydronics portfolio, the ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC, designed to elevate the performance and flexibility of commercial hydronic systems. This product line offers a wide range of capacities from 150 – 380 kW, with the potential to reach an impressive 3040 kW in cascade configurations.


The ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC employs the low GWP R32 refrigerant and has a far lower carbon footprint than units that utilise R410A refrigerant. It provides unmatched flexibility with 10 cooling-only models and 13 reversible models. This extensive selection allows for significant customisation to meet diverse installation requirements. The range features three chassis designs: a bended coil chassis[1], and two multi-V chassis[2]. Additionally, the H version features Fin&Tube coils with a reduced diameter of 7.2mm, optimising refrigerant charge and reducing the carbon footprint by up to 85%[3].


A key feature of the ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC is its double circuit design, incorporating four scroll compressors. This ensures continuous operation and high flexibility, even if one circuit fails, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.


Noise reduction is another priority, with the units available in both standard and super low noise versions. The super low noise models are equipped with compressor jackets for sizes 150 - 170 kW and both compressor boxes and jackets for sizes 190 - 380 kW, which allows for a maximum noise reduction of 5 dB(A) compared to standard versions.


Enhanced seasonal performance is another key attribute of the ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC, boasting a maximum SEER of 5.2 and SCOP of 4.0, ensuring high efficiency throughout the year. Additionally, the units feature intelligent control logic, enabling advanced management of the compressor envelope. It features a Smart Grid (SG) ready option, offering enhanced efficiency reliability, and sustainability. The SG ready capability ensures future proofing by allowing integration with evolving smart grids, optimising energy use for significant savings and reduced environmental impact.


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[1] For capacities 150 – 170 kW

[2] For capacities 190 – 380 kW

[3] Compared to coil diameter for standard R410A units