Panasonic Shortlisted Twice in the 2020 RAC Cooling Awards


Bracknell, UK, 19 November 2020:  Panasonic has successfully been shortlisted in two categories for the forthcoming RAC Cooling Awards. The Aquarea J-Series Air Source Heat Pump has been selected in the Air Conditioning Product category which highlights products that have made a substantial contribution to environmentally friendlier cooling or heating, whether through reduced emissions, energy efficiency or improved performance.

The second product shortlisted is Panasonic’s Cold Chain CO2 refrigeration units.  This is in the Retail Project category and Panasonic has a very strong contender for a recent installation at the food manufacturing, storage and distribution company, Tanpopo Japanese Foods.

The RAC Cooling Industry Awards celebrate the industry’s achievements in meeting the environmental challenges through innovation and usually attract a large audience of senior industry professionals.  Tony Nielsen, UK Marketing Manager of Panasonic commented “We are honoured to be shortlisted for two of our products in the prestigious RAC Cooling Awards this year.  Panasonic products focus consistently on innovation, reliability, ecological respect and connectivity. It’s great for the brand to be recognised for this through their products and subsequent projects such as the installation at Tanpopo Japanese Foods.”

Winners will be announced at a virtual event on 9th December at 4.00pm and hosted by comedian Zoe Lyons together with Roger Tilling of University Challenge.

Aquarea J-Series Air Source Heat Pump

The Aquarea J Series heat pumps can reach an output water temperature of 60˚C and there is also a new chiller function which can provide cooling down to 10˚C – the perfect solution for flexible environmental control.  The design of the new Panasonic Aquarea J Generation models was an important element in enhancing the range for both installers and end users. Extended piping lengths provide further flexibility to cater to a range of building sizes. The 3kW and 5kW capacities now have a total piping length of 25m, also providing an increased elevation difference between indoor and outdoor units from 5m to 20m. Meanwhile 7kW and 9kW units reach a higher limit up to 50m, ensuring users can adapt the system to their needs. A 30m elevation length also increases installation options for professionals.   In a more environmentally friendly approach, the Aquarea J-series uses R32 refrigerant. R32 is easy to recycle, has zero impact on the ozone layer and 75% less impact on global warming[1], helping to lower the carbon footprint of a building. It is also a more economical alternative with higher efficiency2 and 30% less refrigerant used, so customers can enjoy cost savings as well as significant environmental benefits.

Tanpopo Project – Panasonic CO2 Cold Chain units

For over 20 years, Tanpopo has been making and supplying sushi to catering companies, supermarkets, hotels, stadia and event organisers across the UK. With the use of renewable technology and reliability high on the agenda for Tanpopo, Panasonic’s Cold Chain Commercial Refrigeration range, which uses environmentally-friendly CO2, was the ideal choice for all their frozen and chilled food storage refrigeration requirements when the business moved to its new premises in Feltham.

Xavier Debray, Managing Director of Versan Ltd and installer for the Tanpopo project further commented, “One of the pre-requisites for many supermarket chains now is to review their supply chain and their green credentials, such as the use of renewable technology during their processes. The Panasonic units use CO2, a very attractive natural alternative to conventional refrigerant gases. Furthermore, the unique benefit of the Panasonic range is being able to easily switch from either freeze or chill mode.  

For more information on either of the above products or project mentioned above, please do get in touch via email, or 01344 853182.

[1] in comparison to R410A