Panasonic Advances in the Tertiary and Multi-Family Residential Sectors


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has announced an investment of €9 million at its Tillières-Sur-Avre site to manufacture its new high-capacity air-to-water heat pump, the Big Aquarea M Series. This move emphasises the company’s ambitions for growth in the European heating and air conditioning market.


A milestone in the acceleration of Panasonic's strategy in Europe

In November 2022, Panasonic announced the acquisition of Systemair AB's air conditioning business, which included the Tillières-Sur-Avre site in the European region, France. This acquisition has enabled Panasonic to now offer one of the most extensive commercial and residential heating & cooling ranges on the market. The portfolio includes high-capacity heat pumps (PACi, Big Aquarea M Series), chillers (AQUA-G BLUE) as well as VRF systems. With the Tillières-sur-Avre production site, Panasonic becomes one of the first companies in its sector in France able to supply large systems in a short timeframe from a local site.


Since the acquisition, Panasonic has developed the Tillières-sur-Avre facility as part of its continuous improvement programme. The company is also multiplying investments to strengthen its positions, boosting production, fuelling growth of the division.


Thriving markets: residential and tertiary air conditioning sectors

The market for residential and commercial air conditioning and heating experienced notable growth in France in 2023. Panasonic saw double-digit growth across all segments, including CO2 refrigeration and chillers. Notably, the residential air conditioning segment, driven by remarkable momentum, witnessed a nearly 30% increase.


Building on its strong performance, Panasonic is committed to sustaining its growth and addressing the challenges of energy renovation and decarbonisation in the construction sector. Not only in France but in Europe. To achieve these objectives, Panasonic plans to leverage its expanded product range, which now includes hydronic solutions, manufactured in Tillières-sur-Avre. With this enhancement, Panasonic can offer customers one of the most comprehensive ranges of products on the market, featuring both standardised products like its PACi and ECOi ranges, as well as highly customisable solutions facilitated by the expertise of its "Special Business" division at its Normandy plant, offering chillers and heat pumps, fan coils, water loop heat pumps, and rooftop units. This increased workload will be supported by investments in the Tillières-sur-Avre production site, enabling Panasonic to serve the French and European markets with a focus on short supply chains. Additionally, Panasonic's technological advantage with the R290 natural refrigerant allows for the provision of numerous solutions, including the AQUA-G BLUE range of chillers.


The multi-family residential market is on the brink of a significant transformation, driven by the impending replacement of aging systems and the shift from fossil fuel sources to more environmentally friendly heat pump systems. Panasonic’s revolutionary new Big Aquarea M Series heat pump, to be produced at the Tillières-sur-Avre site in 2025 is a key solution for this evolving market. This innovative solution offers a versatile, compact, and energy-efficient option for central heating and domestic hot water installations in multi-family residences and commercial buildings. Emphasising energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, Big Aquarea M Series operates on R290 natural refrigerant, boasting a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3. This provides a powerful alternative to traditional heating methods that use environmentally harmful fossil fuels.


Speaking at a recent press conference to mark the occasion, Thierry Ronat, Country Manager Panasonic heating & cooling, France said: "The transition of collective and tertiary housing from fossil fuels to sustainable solutions represents a huge challenge and we now have the means to respond to them. With our site in Tillières-Sur-Avre we join players capable of producing tailor-made solutions in France as well as high-capacity machines, a strong argument to reconcile performance, sustainability and made in France!”


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