Aquarea EcoFleX. Naturally Efficient

Aquarea EcoFleX

Heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems for a green future. 

With Aquarea heat pump the heat energy is taken from the ambient air.

Adapts to your home

Energy saving means money savings

Adapts to your needs

More inside, more space for you

2-in-1: Air to Water + Air to Air

Aquarea EcoFleX: Sustainable and efficient comfort all year long 

Aquarea EcoFleX: Savings and comfort all year long 

New Aquarea EcoFleX is a groundbreaking heat pump that connects an air ducted unit with nanoe™ X technology providing heat recovery hot water, space heating, space cooling and cleaner air. Outstanding efficiency and energy savings with low CO2 emissions.





The air ducted unit with nanoe™ X technology improves the protection 24/7

Aquarea EcoFleX is equipped standard with Wi-Fi to enable smart control and energy consumption monitoring

Aquarea -EcoFleX 

Unique technology that drives the system

Heat recovery

Cooling (Air) + Domestic Hot Water.

Heat exchange that took place in outdoor unit now is carried out in the water heater.

1. Heat recovery

*Heat recovery is also possible with Cooling (air to air) + Heating (air to water)


Heating (Air) + Heating (Radiators or Floor heating) or Domestic Hot Water.

Heat from the compressor is supplied for heating and Domestic Hot Water simultaneously.

Non-stop heating

Heating (Air) continuous operation.

Use heat from tank to defrost and heat simultaneously.

2. Defrost / 3. Endothermic

Air to water. Compact, yet easy to maintain

Tank unit + heat exchanger box to produce domestic hot water and space heating using radiators or floor heating.

Fits beautifully in any kitchen, small laundry space, or any other desired area. 

The same depth as a regular refrigerator/washing machine. Deep: 600 mm / Wide: 598 mm 

1. Heat exchanger box structure to mitigate R32 refrigerant restrictions, flexible installation: 

Water heat exchanger is designed above the top plate to comply with installation area regulation for products using large amounts of R32 refrigerant.

2. Improved water filter for less maintenance: 

Superior dust removal capacity of the water filter. Less frequent filter cleaning means more convenience. 

3. Maintained serviceability: 

Easy maintenance concept. Access to hydraulic parts thanks to door opening mechanism. No buffer tank required, reducing space, cost and installation time.

4. Slim indoor unit with big tank capacity: 

Built-in 185 L water tank in a slim deep: 600 mm / wide: 598 mm indoor unit housing.

5. U-Vacua insulation technology: 

Panasonic U-Vacua™ is a high performance vacuum insulation panel with very low thermal conductivity, that performs about 19 times better than standard urethane foam.

Air heating or cooling and cleaner air

Aquarea EcoFleX ducted unit has been designed to provide better comfort and flexibility.

Superior air quality.

Standard equipped with nanoe™ X, a unique technology that cleans indoor air. 

Selectable inlet air position.

Inlet air position may be adjusted by means of a removable panel, to allow rear or bottom entry, depending on the duct installation.

Ideal for living spaces.

Static pressure level: 10 - 150 Pa. Compact body: Only 250 mm high. Rated up to SEER / SCOP class A++. Low noise operation (22 ~ 29 dB(A)). DC fan motor, built-in drain pump

Aquarea EcoFleX. Naturally Efficient 

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