Panasonic PACi Elite can cool rooms down to 8°C

Special application such as wine cellars.

Solutions for cold rooms. Set the room temperature to 8°C

There is a complete range, from 3,60 to 22,00kW. This unique solution is perfect for:
Wine cellars, ice cream factories, flower shops, supermarkets, grain stores, food storage, food processing, food distribution, lunchrooms, vegetable processing… Just like all the indoor units in the PACi range, these units can be monitored via the Internet, generating an alarm if there is a breakdown.

Cooling rooms between 8°C WB and 24°C WB

Alternative controller.
Wired remote control.
PACi outdoor unit.
PACi, the next generation of developed commercial air conditioning, with an energy-saving concept. The use of energy-saving designs in the construction of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchangers has resulted in a high COP value.
Wide range of indoor units.
To meet your company's needs

Wine cellars and special low temperature rooms

One of the main features of the PACi series is the possibility of adjusting the product for special applications, not just for regular heating and cooling applications. The purpose of this product information is to explain in detail these special applications that need a cooling operation to maintain the room temperature at +8 ~ +24°C WB (or +10 ~ +30°C DB). In order to do this in terms of enthalpy, the indoor unit needs to be overdimensioned and certain parameters need to be adjustable.

Temperature range – temperature range for wine cellar
In Cooling. Outdoor air intake temperature °C DB
In Heating. Outdoor air intake temperature °C WB
Indoor air intake temperature °C WB
Indoor air intake temperature °C DB

A) Only allowed after installation of wind and snow vents

B) Area where cooling and heating capacity is established for this purpose