Customer restaurant experience is more important than ever

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Offer costumers a more enjoyable dining experience

Keeping your restaurant safe and healthy is now more important than ever. nanoe™ X’s technology protects for 24 hours against certain types of viruses to create a cleaner environment for costumers and employees.

24-hour nanoe™ X Improving Protection.

Keeping your customers safer in enclosed spaces

nanoe™ X protects you from some of the most common problems that arise in your restaurant.

Issue: Fighting odours.

Odours are a particular concern for restaurant patrons.

Customers are highly sensitive to unpleasant odours, especially those that become embedded in fabrics, so it is essential to address this issue.

Solution: Deodorisation by nanoe™ X.

Odours that stick to the surface of chairs.

nanoe™ X particles penetrate deep into fabrics to inhibit bacteria that attach to chairs and minimize odours.

How nanoe™ X eliminates smells

nanoe™ X reaches odours embedded in fabrics.

Hydroxyl radicals inhibit odour-causing substances.

Fabrics are deodorised.


A better environment all round with nanoe™ X

Start your morning fresh after using the 24-hour system.

Use Comfort Cloud to control your air conditioning system remotely by connecting your smartphone to your IoT adapter. Even after shutdown, you can protect the air quality by letting nanoe™ X continue to circulate with fan mode (nanoe™ X Power Comsumption / Fan mode: 63W/h).


The nanoe™ X generators are maintenance-free. They are made of titanium and, thanks to their atomizing electrode wrapped in water during the generation process, they simply do not wear out.