ECO G, the gas driven VRF

The advanced Gas Driven VRF system offers increased efficiency and performance across the range.
Improvements include increased part load performance, reduced gas consumption with a Miller-cycle engine and reduced electrical consumption by using DC-Fan motors.


Limited electric supply
Electric consumption of ECO G is only 9% compared to ECOi because gas engine is utilized for the compressor driving source.


High demand of DHW with heating and cooling cogeneration
DHW is produced effectively thanks to heat from engine exhaust during heating and cooling.


Open and flexible design
ECO G system is designed to connect various Indoor units and controllers which is available for ECOi system. With new GE3 series, Pump sown system has been also implemented to answer commercial needs.


Quick start up in heating at low ambient temperature
Gas heat pump systems make your building comfortably warm by a quick start up with waste heat from engine.
Heating mode works from -21°C of ambient temperature.
Comparison of heating capacity

A. Gas heat pump
B. Electric heat pump
C. Room temperature °C
D. As time passes

2-Pipe ECO G GE3 Series

Designed for better energy efficiency. SEER has been increased by maximum 120%.

Connectable indoor units
• Standard A2A indoor units¹
• Water Heat Exchanger (PAW-WX4E5N/5N2)²
• Heat Recovery with DX Coil (PAW-ZDX3N)
• High Static Pressure Hide Away (S-ME2E5)
• AHU Connection Kit (PAW-MAH2/M/L)
• Air Curtain with DX Coil (PAW-EAIRC-MJ/MS)

NEW 3-Pipe ECO G GF3 Series

Domestic hot water can be supplied by effectively using waste heat generated by heating & cooling.

Connectable indoor units
• Standard A2A indoor units¹
• Heat Recovery with DX Coil (PAW-ZDX3N)
• AHU Connection Kit (PAW-MAH2/M/L)³
• Air Curtain with DX Coil (PAW-EAIRC-MJ/MS)³

1) Except for 1,5kW capacity. 2) Allowed 1:1 and also mixed. If mixed, not operate at the same time WHE + DX only operate separately. 3) Smaller capacity than 16kW only.

What is GHP? The Gas Heat Pump (GHP)

Panasonic Gas Heat Pump is a direct expansion system with compressor as same as VRF system. Gas engine is used as driving source of compressor instead of electric motor. This gas engine compressor drive has 2 advantages:
1. Waste heat from the gas engine available
2. No need for motor power consumption thanks to gas engine
GHP is the natural choice for commercial projects, especially for those projects where power restrictions apply.

A. Heat exchanger / B. To indoor unit / C. Waste heat by engine can be utilized / D. Compressor / E. Gas engine / F. Air / G. 67kW. Gas / H. 1,8kW. Electricity / I. 36,5kW. Free DHW / J. 71kW / Cooling
* Regarding a 25HP model.

Limited electricity area.

Comparison of electrical consumption on a 71kW outdoor unit.

Power supply problems?
If you are short of electric power, our ECO G is a perfect solution.
· Runs on natural gas or LPG and just needs single phase supply
· Enables the building’s electrical power supply to be used for other critical electrical demands
· Reduces capital cost to upgrade power substations to run heating and cooling systems
· Reduces power loadings within a building especially during peak periods
· Electricity supply freed up for other uses such as IT servers, commercial refrigeration, manufacturing, lighting, etc...