PACi NX 4 way 60x60 cassette - PY3

The PY3, with built-in nanoe™ X for better indoor air quality, perfectly matches with 600x600 mm ceiling grids.

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Thanks to advances in design and technology, the PY3 offers more comfort.

nanoe™ X: improving protection 24/7

Acts to clean your air, so that the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be all day long. nanoe™ X works together with heating or cooling function when the during the day and can work independently when the area is not occupied.
Give the air conditioning the strength to increase the protection of your indoor spaces with nanoe™ X technology and convenient control via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.

Internal cleaning function

When cooling or dry operation has stopped, internal drying and nanoe™ X circulation airflow is activated in order to suppress the mould proliferation inside the unit (airflow passage, fan, heat exchanger)*.

* Depending on the installation environment or operating hours, mould proliferation or inhabitation of mould growth will be changed.
Internal drying of the Indoor unit.
Fan rotation and internal dehumidifying.
nanoe™ X cycle within the indoor unit.
Fan rotation and nanoe™ X internal circulation.

The ideal solution for commercial spaces

The lightweight and compact indoor units have been newly designed to feature a flat panel, providing the unit with a more subtle profile so that it can be seamlessly integrated into any interior design scheme. Its slim profile makes it ideal for installations where ceiling voids are only 250mm deep. The DC drain pump and float switch have also been improved in the PY3 model, to help reduce noise.


Compact and modern panel design.

Newly designed full flat panel.
Ceiling depth is only 250mm*.
Exposed area is only 30mm.
* Installation dimension. This needs to be 285mm when installing in solid ceiling.


Industry-leading energy efficiency.

SEER/SCOP class A++* with Elite outdoor range.
SEER/SCOP class A++ with new standard outdoor range 2,5kW model.
* Except for 6,0kW


Superior air quality.

nanoe™ X (Generator Mark 2= 9,6 trillion hydroxyl radicals/sec) as standard.
* The nanoe™ X performance varies depending on the room size, environment and usage and it may take several hours to reach the full effect. nanoe™ X is not medical device, local regulations on building design and sanitary recommendations must be followed.

Individual flap control

Better control of the air flow with 4 motors, providing individual flap control.

Perfect air distribution without direct airflow, to reduce the feeling of cold drafts.

A wide range of connectivity possibilities

Panasonic’s Free Multi compatibility which allows up to five indoor units to be connected and combined with just one outdoor unit