PACi NX Series. The next generation is here

· New Elite Series 4 from 7,1 kW t0 14,0 kW
· R32 refrigerant 
· Easy refurbishment with the 3 wired method
· Integrated with IoT solutions
· nanoe™ X for better indoor air quality, included as standard in all air to air indoor units

Professional air conditioners with R32 refrigerant

Panasonic recommends R32, with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). Compared to R22 and R410A, R32 has a very low potential impact on global warming.
Panasonic takes action for the environment. In line with the European countries participating in the Montreal Protocol, protecting the ozone layer and preventing global warming, Panasonic is leading the switch to R32.

PACi NX Series - Standard range, for absolute ease of refurbishment

These series has been developed with 3 wired method and communication. It makes it simple and easy to replace old systems with 3 wire connections, which is prevalent in many systems.
PACi PZ2/PZH2: 2 wire method.
PACi NX Series: 3 wire method.
a. Power supply | b. Outdoor unit power wiring | c. Signal wiring (2 wire shielded) | d. Earth | e. Power + Signal Wiring (3 wire + earth)


Top-tier commercial air conditioning

· From 3,6 to 14,0kW
· Top class SEER: A+++ / SCOP: A+++ at 3,6kW (in 90x90 cassette)
· Operation range up to 52 °C in cooling and down to -20 °C in heating
· Maximum piping length 100 m
· Twin, triple and double-twin connections


For economy and value

· From 2,5 to 14,0kW
· SEER: A++ / SCOP: A++ up to 7,1kW (in 90x90 cassette)
· Operation range up to 43 °C in cooling and down to -15 °C in heating
· Maximum piping length 50 m
· Twin connection possible

Excellent seasonal performance for daily energy saving

* Performance tested with a 4-way cassette90×90 cassette for 7,1 to 14 kW and a high static pressure hideaway for 20-25kW.

New PACi Elite Series 4

The compact chassis with one fan up to 14,0 kW.
Light weight only 66 kg (7,1 kW model), easy to carry and install.
1. Short height 996 mm
2. Conventional Elite models (from 10 to 14 kW)

PACi NX Elite design operation conditions

PACi NX elite series are capable of working even in the most difficult ambient conditions. Cooling operation is possible when outdoor temperature is as low as -20°C1) or as high as 48°C2). Heating operation can also be utilized at outdoor temperatures down to -20°C when outdoor temperature is as low as -20°C.

1) It is possible to operate at -20°C only computer rooms with the piping length of 30m or less.
2) Please check technical tables for further details on operating temperature.
Cooling design operation conditions.
Heating design operation conditions.

Long piping allowance maximum 100 m

Adaptable to various building types and sizes.
Maximum piping length: 100m (10,0, 12,5, 14,0kW). 60m (7,1kW).

a. Maximum height difference between outdoor unit and indoor unit.
b. Maximum total pipe length.
* 15m if the outdoor unit is below the indoor unit.

Highlighted features

PACi: Commercial air to air. The compact and high efficiency solution for shops, restaurants, offices or residential applications.

Wide range of indoor units

CONEX with IoT integration

The wired remote controller series is fully integrated with IoT solutions developed by Panasonic.
Detailed operation, maintenance setting and service operation are all possible with smartphone or tablet.

Bringing nature’s balance indoors

The next generation of commercial air conditioners is here