Introducing M Series T-CAP, the latest generation of Aquarea air to water heat pumps with R290.
Aquarea M Series, the modular heat pump concept of Panasonic.

Aquarea M Series T-CAP delivers a revolution in the design, performance, connectivity, and sustainability. Aligning with our vision of a carbon-free society and our GREEN IMPACT plan.

Launching spring 2024

Contributing to a decarbonised society.

The advanced new system utilises the natural refrigerant R290 for a more sustainable production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water, with re-engineered outdoor units for improved operating performance, even at very low temperatures.

Flexible installation and suit to all lifestyles.

The outdoor unit can function independently with just an indoor remote control, making it an ideal choice for those seeking basic functionalities. Homeowners can opt for enhanced functionality by incorporating the more advanced Control Box or also selecting between a Bi-bloc or All in One system.

The installation of the system is 100% hydraulic, with only water pipes between the outdoor unit and the interior of the home. This allows an easier and more flexible installation, as no additional safety measures are required inside the home related to the use of refrigerant gases or fuel gas piping.

Aquarea T-CAP, high performance whatever the climate.

With Aquarea T-CAP technology and the new compressor with Injection technology, Panasonic heat pumps can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -28°C and maintain capacity without backup heating at -20°C*.

With other heat pumps, higher nominal capacity or the use of an electric heater is required to achieve the same level of comfort at low temperatures.

* At 35°C flow temperature.

Excellent solution for heating system retrofit.

Aquarea M Series T-CAP is the perfect solution for renovations. The system can be integrated alongside existing radiators with a high-water flow temperature of up to 75°C.

It can also reach a domestic hot water temperature of up to 65°C without the use of the electric heater, so the tank sterilization can be performed with the heat pump operation.

Additionally, a higher setup of the temperature of the water tank can increase the tapping water volume up to 40%, for a space saving solution.

Quiet operation with Panasonic’s unique low noise architecture.

The compressor, which is a major source of noise, is equipped with a double mounted structure to provide a safe, quiet structure that does not disturb neighbours in crowded residential areas.

The low noise mechanical design enables an ERP sound value as low as 53dB(A)*.

With the Super Quiet mode, the noise level can be further reduced by -8dB(A)** to avoid disturbance in any setting.

* 12kW capacity. ** Sound reduction vs full load conditions.

Architecturally sympathetic design; harmony between nature and home.

Premium white indoor units.

The indoor unit is designed to blend into your interior space effortlessly. In premium white, faithful to the Aquarea spirit, underlined by the seamlessly integrated controller which provides a sleek black band across the unit.

Anthracite grey outdoor units.

The outdoor unit, with an anthracite grey colour which dresses the entire range, is designed to harmonize with architecture and the environment with a quiet operation.

A revolution in design, performance, connectivity and sustainability.

Natural refrigerant.

Employ natural refrigerant R290 with GWP 3.

Improved clean design.

Refined outdoor design to be blended to the environment.

Hydraulic connection.

Hydraulic connection between indoor and outdoor.

High efficiency.

A+++ energy class.

Quiet operation.

Reducing ERP level down to 53dB(A)*.
* 12kW.

Output water.

Up to 75°C water outlet down to -10°C outdoor.

Extreme conditions.

Compressor operating down to -28°C outdoor temperatures.


Keeping rated heating capacity down to -20°C.


DHW up to 65°C without heater.

High specifications.

Water pressure sensor built-in, U-VacuaTM isolation, easy installation Wi-Fi, supports residential ventilation unit.

Easy installation and maintenance.

Improved accessibility, practicality and flexibility to indoor and outdoor units.

Panasonic Comfort Cloud App and Aquarea Service Cloud included.

Smart control and maintenance.

Further comfort and efficiency.

Highly efficient Panasonic solutions can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the house, at the same time a high level of comfort and good indoor air quality are kept.

Ventilation unit on top for a low-energy house.

Heat recovery ventilation units are ideal for homes, for these owners who are looking for high performance and maximum comfort.

Combine the Residential ventilation unit with Panasonic Aquarea for an space saving and highly efficient solution for heating, cooling, ventilation and DHW.

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Smart bivalency.

Cost effective bivalent mode with power tariff logic.

PV ready.

Smart grid ready for photovoltaic power operation.

Dual control system.

Independent control of 2 zones.

More connectivity with additional CN-CNT port.

Simultaneous operation of Aquarea Smart Cloud and BMS is possible.

Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.

Internet adapter included for Wi-Fi and LAN connection.

Aquarea Smart Cloud is a powerful, intuitive and free of charge service designed to help remotely control Aquarea heat pumps from anywhere, 24/7.

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