Mini ECOi LE2 Series High efficiency 4 to 6HP

New Panasonic Mini ECOi. Extraordinary energy-saving. The most compact ECOi system ever.

For light commercial use
Mini ECOi allows easier installation in condominiums and medium sized buildings with limited spaces. Utilising R410A and DC inverter technology, Panasonic offers VRF to a new and growing market.

Short height of 996mm
In addition to raising efficiency, the outdoor unit has been designed to be as compact as possible. It can now be installed in places that were previously too small.

  • Outstanding SEER and SCOP
  • Better efficiency even compared to 2 fan outdoor units
  • 50m piping length free of refrigeration charge
  • 35Pa high static pressure
  • High COP mode selectable with maintenance remote controller
  • Selectable silent mode

1-FAZOWE (zasilanie jedn. wewn.)

  • 4 kW: U-4LE2E5 Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie
  • 5 kW: U-5LE2E5 Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie
  • 6 kW: U-6LE2E5 Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie

3-FAZOWE (zasilanie jedn. wewn.)

  • 4 kW: U-4LE2E8 Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie
  • 5 kW: U-5LE2E8 Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie
  • 6 kW: U-6LE2E8 Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.