Expansion Valve + Thermistor

Ahu Connection Kit. 16, 28 and 56 kW for ECOi and GHP
New AHU Kits connect ECOi and ECO G systems to air handling unit systems, using the same refrigerant circuit as the VRF system.
Large connectivity possibilities mean the Panasonic AHU Kit can be easily integrated.
Application: Hotels, offices, server rooms or all large buildings where air quality control such as humidity control and fresh air and is needed.

6N series 2-Pipe ECOi outdoor unit shall be used for AHU connection KIT

  • 3 models for VRF system: 5 HP (PAW-160MAH2), 10 HP (PAW-280MAH2) and 20 HP (PAW-560MAH2)

With GHP outdoor units

  • One AHU kit may be used for one GHP unit (2 way, 56 kW). Multiple AHU kits cannot be used.
  • Mix connection with standard indoor units is not allowed.
  • Power specifi cations are single-phase 220 V to 240 V.
  • Maximum capacity: 60HP (168 kW)
  • Maximum piping length: 100 m (120 m equivalent)
  • Elevation difference (O_U~I_U): 50 m (O_U above)
  • Elevation difference (I_U~I_U): 4 m
  • In/Out capacity ratio: 50~100%
  • Maximum I_U number: 3 units*
  • Outdoor temperature range in Heating: -20 - 15°C
  • Available temperature range for the suction air at AHU Kit:
  • Cool: 18 - 32°C / Heat: 16 - 30°C

* To be simultaneous operation controlled by one remote controller sensor.

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.