More Panasonic News

Panasonic Launch New EcoNavi Sensor for Commercial Applications


Panasonic has launched the new Econavi sensor. Compatible with the PACi and ECOi ranges, the sensor adapts the function of air conditioning systems in order to improve comfort and maximise energy savings.

Panasonic Welcomes Changes to the RHI for Social Housing Landlords and Tenants


Panasonic has welcomed the latest changes to the Government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme that come into effect in spring 2015 which benefit those in the social housing sector.

Panasonic Reminds Industry to be Ready for the R22 Phase Out in 2015


With the countdown well and truly underway for the R22 phase out, Panasonic is reminding distributors and installers to act now to replace all climate control systems still using the refrigerant gas.

Panasonic’s Air Handling Unit Kit now compatible with ECOi and ECO G ranges


Panasonic has recently updated its air handling unit (AHU) kit, to now connect with its ECOi and ECO G systems using the same refrigerant circuit as its VRF systems. Ideal for public buildings, hotels, shops, offices and large buildings, Panasonic’s AHU kit is able to be connected to units which provide fresh air ventilation and humidity control and is suitable for comfort cooling and heating applications.

Panasonic Launches a New Switchover Control System for Commercial Air Conditioning Units


Panasonic has developed a new interface which provides redundancy monitoring and control for PACi and ECOi indoor units. The PAW-PACR3 interface, which is particularly suitable for server rooms, guarantees complete product peace of mind and system maintenance confidence.