Smart Multisite Control Solution

Modern and scalable energy management for your Heating & Cooling solutions

One screen endless possibilities

The new Smart Multisite Control Solution from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of all your installations. With a simple click, all your units from several locations, receive status updates in real-time preventing breakdowns and optimising costs.


Easy installation and configuration


A standard LAN connection with Internet
access (Fibre or Mobile)


24 / 7 / 365 days connection


Real-time Control from anywhere

Roles & Permission

Easily configure different access
roles for each user


Highly secure communication and
complaint with GDPR

Panasonic AC Smart Cloud

Centralise control of your business premises,
from wherever you are, 24/7/365 

The AC Smart Cloud system from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of all your installations from your tablet or from your computer. In a simple click, receive status updates, from all of your installations wherever the location, reducing potential breakdowns and optimizing costs.

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Panasonic AC Service Cloud

New solution for service and maintenance companies

Panasonic AC Service Cloud is unique tool for service and maintenance companies, providing advanced remote service capabilities, to increase response time, reduce sites visits and better allocate resources.

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What is the main concerns for commercial projects?

Energy savings

AC can be between 40-60% of the total Electricity Bill

Even small setting changes might impact in real huge saving of your buildings. 

AC Smart Cloud provides you energy consumption data of your site and energy saving functions such as control setting limitation, auto off, scheduling, temperature range limits etc.

Healthy Comfort

How to secure comfort environment by avoiding wrong AC operation?

Wrong temperature settings might drive into people discomfort and also unhealthy environment for employees, visitors or customers. Allow to analyse the set point and room temp history, and fix the right mode and temperature for each room.

Service speed

On average, 2-3 AC Technician’ visits are

required on site when an error/issue appears 

in an AC system

Avoid wasted site visits, analysing the behavior of the AC system remotely without necessity of a technician visit on site.


System “downtime” can impact the customers buying experience/productivity

Keep your business always running, reducing the risk of system time down. Detecting potential failures in advance or fixing them quicker if it happens.


A proper maintenance schedule prevents future malfunctions and reduces energy consumption

Check remotely all the advanced parameters of the system and plan the maintenance properly. Assigning the right engineer for the required task.

Life of system

Replacing to new HVAC is a huge impact on investment

Making good use of the system, taking earlier action when abnormal signal occurs and keeping regular maintenance will expand the life your system, but also will keep the expected performance operation.

AC Smart Cloud 

Take the control of your business and optimise heating and cooling operation

More than a Centralized control

Using CAC Smart Cloud there are not restrictions of single centralized control device. Allowing the access from different areas in your building and even giving access from remote locations.

More than BMS

Unlike typical BMS, there is full control of the heating and cooling system and its internal parameters. Operation cost can be improved with e-cut function* which are 5 advanced energy saving settings. It expands the possibilities of optimize the comfort and operation cost.


Keep the comfort of workers, visitors and/or customers to increase satisfaction and productivity.

Return of investment

Optimizing the operation of your heating and cooling system and the possibility to monitor remotely can expand the life of your assets.

Lower running cost

The control of settings in real time and the energy consumption monitor contributes to reduce your energy bill

AC Smart Cloud. Flexibility that grows with you

Flexibility / Growing with you / License base on location (not user). Scalable solution

Great advantages for one single site installation but even better for multi sites, the solution is adapting to your grow with just limited initial investment per site

Free license User management

You decide who is having access to what and what actions each profile can do. Define profiles and assign to multiple users without additional fees.

Empower your maintenance

You know who is the best that can take care of your HVAC installations in each of your sites. Empower each of them giving access to AC Service Cloud, professional heating and cooling portal to your installations. Select which level of access you allow them to have.

AC Service Cloud. Empower your maintenance service

Panasonic AC Service Cloud provides to your maintenance staff or company a unique tool to deliver advanced maintenance to increase response time, reduce sites visits and allocate better the resources. This advance and unique tool is available for service and maintenance professionals.

Remote matters

For service and maintenance time matters, remote access to one installation status monitoring to all unit parameters for its analysis makes the difference in resolution speed and at same time saving unnecessary sites trips.

More than BMS

Data provided for standard HVAC BMS can provide only some basic information. Panasonic CAC Service Cloud offers all Panasonic data in a powerful tool to easily maintain the system. 

Increase service level agreement with your customer whilst optimising your resources usage

Time Response and zero down time

Providing remotely technical information about abnormalities and checker functions* enable AC installer and maintainer to identify and fix issue much quicker even though before it occurs.

Reduce unnecessary trips

It reduces the cost of unnecessary trips at least for 1 trip, and reduces the CO2 emissions related to the transport.

Maintenance planning

Identify easily the potential issues classified from less to more critical and jump with simple click to see more details of the site and the potential issue.

It allows to plan better your sites visits and assign the right engineer for the work.

All at a glance and scalability

View remotely the various site you take care of maintenance service with Panasonic HVAC. The cloud solution allows to increase the number of contracts and installations without software updates, taking advantage of future features of Panasonic AC Service Cloud.

Full multisite and user control

Panasonic Smart and Service Cloud is based in location, each location can have multiple users in the same building or remotely. The scalability allows to add more sites and customise the access of your team and the access of your trusted service.

A. Owner

Easy management of permission roles and access. Manage all sites.

A.1 Country/Region Manager: Manage all the sites within a region

A.2 Site Manager: Manage specific site

A.3 Other user: Limited Access

B. Maintenance

Maintenance companies can get an access of each sites after owners allow permission to you a simple click

B.1 Site

B.2 Owner


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