3. Superior Flexibility

More flexible piping length.
Newly designed; compressor, oil recovery system, outdoor heat exchanger,
allow system to increase piping length.

Increased piping lengths and design flexibility
Adaptable to various building types and sizes. Actual piping length: 200m. Maximum piping length: 1.000m.

1. Maximum height difference between outdoor unit and indoor unit: 50m*
2. Maximum height difference between indoor units: 15m
3. Maximum total pipe length: 1.000m
4. Farthest pipe length (from outdoor unit to farthest indoor unit) (equivalent length): 200m

*  40m if the outdoor unit is below the indoor unit.
Up to 50m length difference between the longest and the shortest piping from the first branch
Flexible piping layout makes it easier to design systems for locations such as train stations, airports, schools and hospitals.

· Up to 64 units can be connected to one system
· Difference between maximum and minimum pipe runs after first branch can be a maximum of 50m
· Larger pipe runs can be up to 200m

L1 = Longest pipe run. L2 = Shortest pipe run. L1 - L2 = Maximum 50m.
Connectable Maximum allowable indoor / outdoor capacity ratio up to 200%*
ECOi EX attain maximum indoor unit connection capacity of up to 130% of the unit's connection range. This limit can be overpassed and reach up to 200% if some conditions are satisfied. With this feature, ECOi EX provides an ideal air conditioning solution for locations where full cooling/heating are not always required in all spaces at same time.

Note: If more than 100% indoor units are operated with a high load, the units may not perform at the rated capacity. For the details, please consult with an authorised Panasonic dealer. * If the following conditions are satisfied, the effective range is above 130 % up to 200 %. Obey the limited number of connectable indoor units. The lower limit of operating range for heating outdoor temperature is limited to -10°C WB (standard -25°C WB). Simultaneous operation is limited to less than 130% of connectable indoor units. 1,5kW capacity of Indoor Units are included.
A large number of indoor unit models can be connected

Compact design
The new ME2 series has reduced the installation space required with up to 20HP available in a single chassis. 8 - 10HP are able to fit inside a lift for easy handling on site.

Weight 375kg
Required installation space.
* 18-20HP available from April 2016.
(Unit: mm)

High Efficiency Combination Model

Space-saving Combination Model

  • Wide range of systems from 8HP to 64HP
  • Class-leading EER of 4.7 (for 8HP model)
  • Higher EER than the Space-saving Combination Model e.g., a combination of two 10HP units delivering 20HP reduces compressor load

Extraordinary energy-saving performance and powerful operation. New ECOi EX ME2 Series Hi-Durability Models.
  • Wide range of systems from 8HP to 80HP
  • Class-leading EER of 4,7 (for 8HP model)
  • Industry-leading low noise of 54dB(A) (8HP model)
  • Cooling operation possible with outdoor temperature as high as 52°C DB
  • Extended operating range allows heating with outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C WB
  • Suitable for R22 refurbishing projects

* 66HP-80HP available from March 2016.

High external static pressure on condensers

With a newly designed fan, fan guard, motor, and casing, new models can be custom-installed on-site to provide up to 80 Pa of external static pressure. An air discharge duct prevents shortages of air circulation, allowing outdoor units to be installed on every floor of a building.

5. Fan
6. Fan motor and casing
7. High Static Pressure

Space saving combination by 8~20 HP models (combination from 8HP to 80HP)

ECOi EX ME2 series more flexible

High efficiency combination by 8~16 HP models (combination from 8HP to 64HP)

Extended compressor life by uniform compressor operation time
The total run-time of compressors are monitored by a built-in microcomputer, which ensures that operation times of all compressors within the same refrigerant circuit are balanced.
Compressors with histories showing shorter run times are selected first, ensuring equal wear and tear across all units and extended the working life of the system.

System example
A,C: DC inverter compressor
B,D: Constant speed compressor

8. Load increase
* Depend on accumulated operation time of each compressors.
* Compressor priority has possibility to be changed.(e.g) Case 1: A > C > B > D, Case 2: C > A > D > B, Case 3: A > C > D > B, Case 4: C > A > B > D
* Also other cases available.
Automatic backup operation in the case of compressor failure or outdoor unit malfunction
Except for 8, 10 & 12 HP single unit installation.

*Backup operation allows uninterrupted cooling or heating to continue whilst waiting for service.
Users should contact their authorised service centre as soon as fault occurs.

9. Even if fan motor or sensor fail
10. Even if a whole outdoor unit fails
11. Even if a compressor in a single system fails
12. NEW function
13. The other outdoor unit can keep running
14. The other compressor can keep running
15. Automatic backup operationa
Demand response
Featuring inverter control technology, all Panasonic VRF systems are Demand Response Management (DRM) ready. With this control, power consumption at times of peak load can be set in three steps to deliver optimum performance. This helps to reduce annual power consumption with minimal loss in comfort.
Demand control terminal is available to control 0-50-75-100% of capacities.
ME1 series features a DR terminal as standard (not a required option)
Flexible demand response with the CZ-CAPDC2*
Setting is possible as 0% or in the range from 40 to 100% (in steps of 5%). At the time of shipping, setting has been done to the three steps of 0%, 70% and 100%.

15. Outdoor unit
16. Terminal block
17. Demand controller

* An outdoor Seri-Para l/O unit (CZ-CAPDC2) is required for demand input signal.