2-Pipe ECO G GE3 Series

Designed for better energy efficiency. SEER has been increased by maximum 120%

The new GE3 Series has a top level of seasonal efficiency in this category. In addition, this product fits with special needs for commercial application thanks to DHW priority setting and Auto pump down functions.
1. Improvement in blast efficiency
New 3-blades fan.
Propeller shape with 3 blades is more efficient
Max. 30% of fan electrical consumption is saved compared to conventional fan.
2. Better partial load control
Reduce start / stop loss has reduced by expanding the are where continuous operation is possible. Annual operation efficiency has further improved by better efficiency at lower partial load.
3. New “L” type heat exchanger
Heat exchanger surface area is included by 25% compared to conventional model to optimize efficiency.
5. Air
6. 67 kW Gas
7. 1,8kW Electricity
8. 36,5 kW Free DHW
9. 71kW Cooling
* Regarding a 25HP model.