1. High performance at Extreme conditions

The ECOi EX can still operate at 100% capacity when the outside temperature is as high as 43°C.
This high power capability enables reliable operation even under extremely high temperature conditions.
Trusted reliability even under high and low temperature conditions

Designed to be durable enough to withstand extreme heat, ECOi EX ensures reliable cooling operation over an extended operation range up to 52°C, and heating operation also at minus -25°C.

A: Cooling design operation conditions
B: Heating design operation conditions

Cooling: Outside air temperature ˚C (DB). Heating: Outside air temperature ˚C ( WB).
Heating capacity (kW)
Extremely high capacity at -20°C and unique heating capacity at -25°C

* Outdoor air temperature (°C WB).

Hi-durability outdoor unit
Corrosion-resistance treated for high resistance to rust and salty air to assure long-lasting performance.

Specially protected parts
1. Screws
2. PC board
3. Electric box
4. Outer body
5. Accumulator Receiver tank oil separator
6. Heat exchanger (Bluefin condenser)

Note: Selecting this unit does not completely eliminate the possibility of rust developing. For details concerning unit installation and maintenance, please consult an authorised dealer.
Bluefin full line up EX
Optimised and new design heat exchanger for better surface area with triple surface*
The new heat exchanger features a triple-surface construction. Compared to the divided dual-surface construction in current models, there is no division of space and the area for heat exchange is larger. Also, highly efficient piping pattern increases heat exchange performance by 5%.

* For 8 & 10HP unit, the heat exchanger is 2 row design.
Extreme outdoor ambient conditions
Including Bluefin in a newly designed heat exchanger improves efficiency, especially in marine environments.
A silicone coated PCB (Printed Circuit Board) protects the unit from being damaged by environmental factors such as moisture and dust.
High safety operation in case of breakdown!
Automatic Back-Up operation. Ensures heating and cooling
It is possible for the system to keep working, even if the compressors, fan motor and the temperature sensor are damaged (even when compressor fails in single unit with 2 compressor inside).

Fan motor damage
Compressor damage
Temperature sensor damage
The system will still operate up to 25% of the connected indoor units
System will not stop when up to 25% of indoor units have power supply breakdown when they are ON Mode.

Error message “E06” is ignored