New Aquarea remote control. New features

For 2014, Panasonic has introduced a new remote controller to improve performance, enhance comfort and deliver maximum savings.
New Remocon changing point
Better user interface:
1. Adding Holiday Mode
2. Adding Power Consumption
LCD display:
1. Expand LCD display to show mode on left and right side
2. Adding AUTO mode and remove defrost display (using heat blink)
3. Change not available into EXT SW OFF
4. Adding kWh and Hr
 5. Adding holiday button
 6. Change force and error reset position
New function for installer
· Floor heating concrete dry mode
· How to Lock Cool Mode
· Class A Pump management with 7 speeds

Floor heating concrete dry mode: Allows slow increase in temperature of floor heating via software.
1. Temperature
2. 1 stage for 1 day (maximum 99 stages). Min 25°C to 55°C
3. Day
Heating and Cooling Mode: Authorized service partner or Authorized installer can enable the cooling mode through a special operation via the remote controller on site.

Pump with 7 speeds: Pump speed can be selected on the remote control.
New function for end user
· Auto Mode for Heating and Cooling mode
· Show Energy Consumption
· Set Holiday Mode

Auto Mode: Automatically changes from heating to cooling depending on outdoor temperature.
Energy Consumption: Displays the heat pump’s energy consumption, split by heating, cooling and domestic hot water, and shows total consumption figure.

Holiday Mode: Enables the system to resume at the preset temperature after your holiday.