New TZ super-compact

The perfect air conditioner for the smallest spaces in your home.

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New TZ with R32 refrigerant powerful and efficient.
The new TZ indoor units have a new size. With 779mm of width, you can put the air conditioner on the top of the door.


New super-compact design

The new compact design of the indoor units have a width of just 779 mm.


Built-in WLAN and compatible with Voice Assistant

The unit is ready to connect to the internet and to be controlled by smartphone with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.



Particulate matter (PM2,5) can be found suspended in the air, including dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. The filter can catch PM2,5 particles including hazardous pollutants as well as house dust and pollen and is able to maintain the air quality of the room.


Stylish infrared control

Enjoy innovative design at your fingertips with the new stylish and sleek Backlit Sky Controller. Bigger screen and easier to use.

Neues umweltverträgliches Kältemittel R32

Umfangreiche Palette von Standard-Inverter-Modellen


Superleise – Flüsterbetrieb ab 20 dB(A) (TZ/TE20, TZ/TE25, TZ/TE35)


Aerowings für eine optimierte Luftführung

Kabelfernbedienung (optional)

5 Jahre Garantie auf den Verdichter

Super-compact design

The new compact design of the indoor units have a width of just 779 mm. This allows for more installation possibilities, including the limited space above a door.
Meticulously designed for both installer and user benefit, installation time of the new TZ has been dramatically decreased.
The inner workings of the unit have also been redesigned to make maintenance quicker and easier. Electronics and wiring components are now on just one side of the unit to simplify maintenance.

New built-in WLAN for smartphone control option

New TZ comes ready to connect to internet for smartphone control with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. Control, monitor, schedule via the easy to use interface.
Control air to air heat pump operation with Panasonic Comfort Cloud plus additional functions only available through the Cloud from wherever and whenever. One user can manage up to 200 units and also set up different user and rights. Also energy monitoring is possible giving the chance to learn how to reduce operating costs even further.

Works with Alexa and Google Home. Depending on country.

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Download the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App and try a demo on App Store.
Download the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App and try a demo on Google play.

New Voice Control. Words do more than actions

Control without boundaries and get hands-free help to fully access the features of your air conditioners. Maximising your cooling comfort is now a breeze with our Network-Enabled air conditioners with Panasonic Comfort Cloud and Voice Control.


Bei der Aerowings-Funktion sorgen zwei speziell angeordnete Luftauslasslamellen im Kühlbetrieb für eine optimierte Luftführung zur Decke hin und eine komfortablere Luftverteilung im Raum.
More comfort with Aerowings
Panasonic’s Aerowings feature incorporates two independent blades that concentrate airflow to cool you down in the shortest time possible. This also helps distribute cool air evenly throughout the room.

Superior airflow control.
Aerowings features two independent blades that give you more control over the direction of the airflow. Without Aerowings, with direct airflow, the target never changes, so you can easily begin to feel too cold as you are subjected to the continuous icy blast.

Comfort that goes on and on with Shower Cooling
When the Aerowings twin blades direct air towards the ceiling they create the Shower Cooling effect.
For Shower Cooling.
This ensures cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room and you can stay comfortable without experiencing continuous direct cooling.

Enjoy innovative design at your fingertips with the new stylish and sleek Backlit Sky Controller

With fast access to key operations and a smooth gliding cover revealing more options, controlling your settings has become simple and intuitive.
Fits comfortably in your hand.

Backlit LED screen
Adjust your settings even in a dark room thanks to backlit screen.

Distinctive sliding cover
A smooth sliding cover does not only enhance the remote’s clean lines, but keeps the buttons free from dirt and smudges.

Precise temperature control
Enjoy more precise temperature regulation and experience greater comfort thanks to the Sky Controller’s 0,5°C temperature control.

Neues Kältemittel R32: „Kleine“ Änderung – große Wirkung
Nicht jeder ist bereit, mit der Zeit oder gar der Zeit voraus zu gehen. Doch wir bei Panasonic glauben daran, dass Technologien das Leben der Menschen verbessern können. Deshalb führen wir bereits jetzt das neue Kältemittel R32 ein. Das innovative Kältemittel bringt viele Vorteile mit sich: Es ist leicht zu installieren, umweltverträglich und energiesparend. Das ist gut für die Umwelt und gut für unsere Kunden. Deshalb wollen wir nicht tatenlos auf die Zukunft warten, sondern schon heute unsere Geräte mit R32 fit für die Zukunft machen.

Bei Panasonic beginnt die Zukunft schon heute.
Nach der EU-Verordnung 517/2014 müssen fluorierte Treibhausgase (so genannte F-Gase) wie z. B. R410A zum Schutz der Umwelt vollständig durch alternative Kältemittel ersetzt werden. Allerdings ist eine Übergangsfrist von 2017 bis 2030 vorgesehen.
Warum sollen wir bis dahin warten? Innovationen sind nicht an gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Zeitpläne gebunden. Deshalb machen wir bereits jetzt den nächsten Innovationsschritt und führen R32 für unsere Raumklimageräte ein.

Weitere Informationen

TZ Wandgeräte. Kompakte Ausführung. • Kältemittel R32
* Gilt für CS-Z25TKEW.

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