9.6 kW. Fan Coils


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Range of fan coil units

Easy to install, improved sound level and performance. The fan coil range consists of a compact ducted range ideal for residential and commercial use and one model with high static pressure for commercial applications. All units are certified by Eurovent, include drain pan and filter and are equipped with a low consumption fan motor.
The D type is even more flexible thanks to an L-shaped drain pan. The unit can be installed either in a horizontal or in a vertical position.
  • Innovation for an optimum comfort
  • Low energy consumption fan
  • Efficient high-quality coil
  • Flexible installation: vertical or horizontal


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Fan Coils Еднофазно
9.6 kW
Type High Static Pressure
Left side connection PAW-FC-H150
Right side connection PAW-FC-H150-R
Total cooling capacity (Med) (1) kW 11,9
Total cooling capacity (S-Hi) (1) kW 14,8
Sensible cooling capacity (Med) (1) kW 9,6
Sensible cooling capacity (S-Hi) (1) kW 12,9
Heating capacity (Med) (1) kW 14,9
Heating capacity (S-Hi) (1) kW 19,9
Power consumption (S-Lo) W 180
Power consumption (Med) W 421
Power consumption (S-Hi) W 675
Fuse rating A 6
Dimension (Height) (2) mm 376
Dimension (Width) (2) mm 1600
Dimension (Depth) (2) mm 798
Weight (3) kg 63
Sound power global (S-Lo) dB(A) 52
Sound power global (Med) dB(A) 64
Sound power global (S-Hi) dB(A) 71
Sound pressure global (S-Lo) dB(A) 31
Sound pressure global (Med) dB(A) 45
Sound pressure global (S-Hi) dB(A) 51
Static pressure (Max) Pa 110
Air flow (Med) (1) m³/h 2112
Air flow (S-Hi) (1) m³/h 3176
Water pressure drop (Med) kPa 19,8
Water pressure drop (S-Hi) kPa 26,1
Fan speeds 3 speeds
Fan motor and number of speeds AC 5 speeds
Drain pan and air filter Included
Water connections Inch 1

(1) Airflow and capacity at 0Pa of static pressure.
(2) Including pan and electrical box.
(3) Without water content.
* Performances based on: Cooling: Air: 27°C DB / 19°C WB, Chilled water: 7°C / 12°C - Heating: Air: 20°C DB, Hot water: 50°C / 45°C.
** Fan coil units are produced by Systemair.

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