Stainless Steel Tank.
The best heat pump in market needs to be complemented with best efficiency tank. Panasonic energy efficiency A Class Stainless Tank consist in 2 capacities 200 and 300L. These 2 models are anode free does not require any maintenance.


Enamelled Tank.
With our enamelled tanks wide range, we can satisfy any size needs. Consisting on 4 different size: 150, 200, 300 and 400L. The 300L is also available in with 2 coils version.


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Type PAW-TA30C1E5STD (Enamelled Tank)
Water volume L 290
Maximum water temperature °C 95
Dimension (Height) mm 1800
Dimension (Diameter) mm 610
Weight (empty) Kg 120
Weight (filled with water) kg 389
Electric heater kW 3,00
Power supply V 230
Material inside tank Enamelled
Exchange surface 2,6
Energy loss at 65°C (1) kWh/24h 1,61
3 way valve accessory PAW-3WYVLV-HW or CZ-NV1 Optional
20m temperature sensor cable included Yes
Energy losses W 67
Energy Efficiency Class (from A+ to F) B
Warranty 2 Years
Maintenance required Every 2 years

(1) Insulated tested under EN12897.
* Stainless Steel Tanks and Buffer Tank are produced by OSO.
** Enamelled Tanks and Square Tank are produced by AEmail.

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