PRO-HT Tank heating and cooling

High temperature hot water is efficiently produced without any boosters.

Panasonic commercial PRO-HT Tank solutions can be combined with PACi to adapt various projects from high-end residentials to offices and hotels.


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PRO-HT Tank heating and cooling
Reference PAW-VP380L
Cooling capacity at 35°C, water outlet 7°C kW 12,80
Heating capacity kW 25,00
Heating capacity at +7°C, heating water temperature at 45°C kW 23,00
COP at +7°C with heating water temperature at 45°C kW 3,26
Heating Energy Efficiency class at 35°C (from A+++ to D) A+++
ηsh (LOT1) (1) % 193
Dimension (Height) mm 1820
Dimension (Diameter) mm 690
Shipping weight kg 99
Water pipe connector Inch 1  
Heating water flow (∆T=5 K. 35°C) L/min 3,9
Outdoor unit U-200PZH2E8
Sound pressure dB(A) 57
Outdoor dimension (Height) mm 1500
Outdoor dimension (Width) mm 980
Outdoor dimension (Depth) mm 370
Outdoor net weight kg 117
Pipe diameter (Liquid) Inch (mm) 1/2 (12,07)
Pipe diameter (Gas) Inch (mm) 3/4 (19,05)
Refrigerant (R32) / CO2 Eq. kg / T 4,20 (1,0kg additional gas charge on site)
Pipe length range (2) m 30
Elevation difference (in/out) m 30 (OD above) 30 (OD below)
Pipe length for nominal capacity m 7,5
Pipe length for additional gas m > 7,5
Additional gas amount g/m Refer to manual
Operation range - Outdoor ambient (Heat) °C -20 ~ +24
Operation range - Outdoor ambient (Cool) °C -15 ~ +46
Water outlet (Heat) °C 25 ~ 45
Water outlet (Cool) °C 5 ~ 15

(1) Seasonal space cooling/heating energy efficiency following COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 811/2013.
(2) The pipe length range is between indoor and outdoor, but does not include additional length for coil.

This product is designed to comply with the European Water Quality Directive 98/83/EC amended by 2015/1787/EU. The lifespan of the product is not guaranteed in the case of the use of groundwater, such as spring water or well water, the use of tap water when salt or other impurities are contained, nor in areas of acidic water quality. Maintenance and warranty costs related to these cases are the customer’s responsibility.

Performance calculation in agreement with Eurovent. Sound pressure measured at 1 m from the outdoor unit and at 1,5 m height.

* Flow switch and water filter are not equipped.

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