U - 020/025/030/035/040 CW

ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller. Discover a new era of ECOi, the ECOi-W.

Panasonic introduces the ECOi-W heat pumps and cooling only chiller series.

These new series provides a wide variety of HVAC system solutions, to meet all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Compact and powerful heat pump chiller series with Panasonic quality verification.
ECOi-W Series guarantees quiet operation.

· High seasonal efficiency in cooling and heating
· Eurovent certified
· Ambient temperature operation range: -10 to +50°C in cooling, -17 to +20°C in heating
· Water outlet temperature range: -10 to +18°C in cooling, +20 to +50°C in heating
· Super quiet operation
· Optimized design for service and maintenance
· Simple user friendly control as standard
· Modbus RTU as standard

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