This range of ceiling mounted units feature a DC fan motor for increased efficiency and reduced operating sound levels.

All the units are the same height and depth for a uniform appearance in mixed installations. A knock out is provided to allow for supplementary fresh air for improved air quality.


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PACi Standard Ceiling • R410A
14.0 kW
EER (Nominal) (1) W/W 2,98 (3,93 - 2,63) C
COP (Nominal) (1) W/W 3,88 (4,56 - 3,07) A
EER (Nominal) (1) W/W 2,98 (3,93 - 2,63) C
Heating capacity at -7°C (4) kW 13,35
Heating capacity at -15°C (4) kW 12,38
COP (Nominal) (1) W/W 3,88 (4,56 - 3,07) A
Indoor sound pressure (Hi) (5) dB(A) 47
Indoor sound pressure (Med) (5) dB(A) 41
Indoor sound pressure (Lo) (5) dB(A) 37
Outdoor recommended fuse A 16
Outdoor connection indoor / outdoor mm² 2,5
Refrigerant (R410A) / CO2 Eq. kg / T 3,40 / 7,0992

(1) EER and COP calculation is based in accordance to EN14511.
(2) Energy Label Scale from A+++ to D. For models below 12 kW, the SEER and SCOP is calculated based on values of EU/626/2011. For models above 12 kW, the SEER and SCOP is calculated based on values of EU/2281/2016.
(3) The annual energy consumption is calculated in accordance to EU/626/2011.
(4) Heating capacity is calculated including defrost factor correction.
(5) The sound pressure of the units shows the value measured of the position 1 m in front of the main body and 1 m below the unit. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with Eurovent 6/C/006-97 specification.
(6) When installing the outdoor unit at a higher position than the indoor unit.
* Recommended fuse for the indoor 3 A.

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